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Make the Professionals be More Professional, Turn Unprofessional Into Professional, Two More Sessions of DiSC ICC Program Have Rounded Off Successfully
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In May, A.PLUS has completed the 72nd and 73rd DiSC® International Consultant Certification in Macau and Beijing respectively. More than 30 DiSC® International certified consultants have been certified by A.PLUS Everything DiSC® Master Trainers. Some of them are in HR/Training/Organization Development field from well-known enterprises. All of them learned Everything DiSC® assessment tool to become an expert. 

1. 72nd Session in Macau, Most of the Consultants were S Style, Some Consultant Resit the Program 

In this DiSC® ICC program in Macau, the number of S style consultants accounted the largest proportion, 8 in total. They made the whole atmosphere more supportive, friendly and harmonious.

In this session, 7 consultants have retaken the course. Our DiSC® ICC program have been updated, so if you consultants are willing to resit, they will gain new perceptions. 

2. 73rd Session in Beijing, Assessment Reliability and Validity Q&A, Professional Partners to Get Certified

In this DiSC® ICC program in Beijing, some of the certified consultants raised their concerns for the reliability and validity of psychological assessment tool Everything DiSC®. Compared with other psychological tools, how DiSC® improved the testing technology to ensure and improve reliability and validity was priority to them. Our Everything DiSC®Master Trainer has provided the answers in detail. 

What’s more, some famous professionals also participated in DiSC® ICC Program including facilitation professional Mr. Simba, the facilitator of 4D Leadership Certification Ms. Cindy and the Founder of Jiangwu Tang. They all expected to deeply learn the most updated psychological assessment tool Everything DiSC® and develop new product and content according to their own strengths. 

Our DiSC® International Consultant Certification Program is not only limited to 20 hours, we also have the amount of pre and post-learning in 10 hours. 

This program not only enables you to learn knowledge and foster skills, but also provides you with a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to meet more excellent professionals. If you are interested to become a DiSC® international certified consultant, please contact us immediately.