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Facilitate the Latest DiSC® Assessment, Aid to Know Self and Others to Build Harmonious Workplace
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At workplace, you might have learned a considerable number of communication and cooperation skills, you also tried diverse ways for increasing effectiveness for working with others some of them works, and some fails. In fact, we can consider adopting psychological tool for helping self and others. We can achieve the goal of getting along with work colleagues scientifically. At the end of May, A.PLUS has facilitated Everything DiSC® workplace report for 0.5 day for a large MNC in Dalian. The facilitation has enabled the employees to know self, others and team. They are satisfied with the whole facilitation. 

1. Client’s Need

As a large MNC, employees are from multi nationalities and diverse culture background. Especially in cross-cultural cooperation, they need to deeply understand each other for further cooperation. Therefore, as a universal psychological tool, Everything DiSC® provided the opportunity for participants to know self, also by facilitating reports, they know how to get along with one another of different DiSC® types. 

2. A.PLUS Solutions

As usual, we have provided quality service to our client, meanwhile, in account of the specific language used by the participants, we also provided new language version of Everything DiSC® for further facilitation.

In the facilitation process, we have went through following parts:
  • DiSC theory and the latest Everything DiSC® assessment
  • Personal DiSC® Type
  • Understand People with Different DiSC® types
  • Make strategy for working with people who have different DiSC® types

Based on that, we also see group DiSC® map that have influenced the whole team culture, and different individuals contribute to the team. 

The 0.5-day Everything DiSC® facilitation enabled the participants of the client to improve workplace relations. It has got positive feedback from the participants.