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The Up-to-Date Leadership Model VAE to Make Vision to Become Feasible Output
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In leadership development, we often feel that team members can’t agree to one single decision, or the big picture is quite great, but it cannot be executed. This is a crucial issue for start-up enterprise. To solve this problem, we recommend VAE leadership model, to achieve Vision, Alignment and Execution, finally make the framework to feasible achievement. 

A.PLUS has executed two-day strategic team leadership program for high-level managers for a luxury hotel in Shanghai. The program aims at making the leaders of functional team to reach agreement, so they can lead their own team to achieve the same goal. 

1. Client’s Need
The client is a fresh opening high-end hotel, intends to provide quality service to all customers. The priority of the team is to let everyone reach agreement for the same vision. They decided to execute in strategic leadership team for follow-up work. 

2. A.PLUS Solution

After knowing the client’s need, A.PLUS consultant has crafted tailor-made program for the client according to the vision, mission, value of the hotel. Based on our experience in Everything DiSC®, we have recommended VAE model (Vision-Alignment-Execution) from Work of Leaders. For every participants, they have known themselves, discussed about the future strategy and knew their strengths and blind spots and made action plan.

In the program, we have reached the following goals:
  • Know one’s own leadership style, including strengths and blind spots
  • Diverse types of leaders according to leadership style, study the strengths of different leaders
  • Know others behavior style, and interact and negotiate with other
  • Know the strengths and challenges for the entire team leadership

In this program, we have adopted interactive activities to interact and increase the understanding and trust.

The program went successfully, every leaders have adopted Everything DiSC® assessment tool for knowing one’s own leadership style, the strengths and blind spots. They also know how to interact with others. Increase trust and respect. By studying the 18th VAE best practice, they know how to put the framework into practice.